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Historic context

As the Hubble is near the sunset of its career, the #jwst is expected to pick up the pioneers-flag and its cultural significance along with that.

At least a few of Hubble’s images, such as the Deep Field series, have been seen by most people on the planet. They changed our identity. Our position in the universe was different before the Hubble Deep Field image was released, then it was afterwards.

Modern and future context

We laid our eyes on the moon, then put humans on it. More and more eyes are turning towards mars, with massive infrastructure projects to follow up with more humans. We are on track to colonize the solar system and beyond.

By the time we reach that goal, our society will have shifted and changed. A few generations will have been born, on-boarded into the workforce, and at some point retired.

The stories we tell now will be essential in forming their perception of our efforts and by extension, how our culture evolves into theirs.

Why Art?

Art is a language.

Memes, Meaning and Science

The #jwst is a metaphorical eye in the sky and we will build a visual language to explore questions of physics, engineering, science, culture, politics and economics as they relate to the #jwst.

This project will, at the same time, explore new age digital creator business models by selling the artworks as merchandise.

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