James Webb Space Telescope

The james webb space telescope is NASAs prestige project of the last 2 decades. it is set to revolutionize our understanding of the universe by enabling us to look back at the first light ever created.

a monument to far-sightedness

In the modern immidiate gratification culture, the jwst stands out for beeing one of a few ambitiously far-sighted projects. long term vision permiates every aspect of the design, engineering and ambitions of the 10 billion dollar behemoth. Even the name patreon, james webb, is today reveered for his farsightedness in founding the space agency NASA. When the the jwst launches in the beginning of 2021, the telescope will yield profound insights into the genesis and evolution of our universe. We will see the first light ever emitted and what the universe looked like at that time. we will be able to see how the galaxies, startsystems and planets formed. And we will be able to see planets around other suns in unprecedented resolution. JWST's far-sightedness is set to revolutionize astrophysics for decades to come.